Dianne Mattar

If you had a second chance in life, what would you do?
For me, when an accident changed my life, I began to explore my Artistic creativity. It has become an expression of my love of God and Family and Freedom as an American.

I celebrate life through my artwork. Each piece starts with a sense of urgency, so much to do…so much to share …so much to express.

Emotion is at the base of every painting & these emotions are key in my use of color. Have studied & traveled thru-out the Caribbean, China, Europe, Australia & India just returned from volunteer service trip to Romania.

Trees of every variety and tropical foliage touch my soul, speaking to me in so many ways. Vivid colors represent life & rebirth, continual growth. Trees and all the beauty around them withstands wind, force of water & are even uprooted & blown over. However, they are the perfect example of inner strength & some even have to endure fire in order to reproduce. My art is birthed from hardships, blended with love & support as well as appreciation of the many wonderful aspects of each day.

Joyful am I, to be able to share a sense of calm, joy & hope to the viewers of my art created from my heart.

Testimony from Steve Schenck

“I have been blessed in my life to behold the work of Dianne Mattar for the last ten years. Filled with life, inspiration and hope each canvas reflects part of our own life spirit as we become engaged with it. For each person the simple materials become a personal gift to cherish.

Before entering my recording studio one of Dianne’s more spiritual works is my guide to the unseen part of life that is the heart of the music I strive to create. The basis of all art is that it fills our senses with our own truth; Dianne’s canvases capture the truth of our life and dreams, which makes them very unique.

It is with great anticipation that I look to the evolution of her work because it affirms who we are in a very deep way. Life, like my walls, would be very dull without her exuberant canvases to brighten each space and take me on journeys beyond myself. Guests in our home are treated to good food, wine, music and Dianne’s art because like our bellies, the soul requires a balanced meal.

Most of all, her art makes me smile.”

What is ART?
Collaboration between the heart and mind in an effort to expose a piece of my soul.
It is a quest to find that emotional tie between the subject and our hearts…
It is an endless search, where challenge and frustration must become friends…
It requires confronting fears and willingness to work using talent given by our creator…